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Heat Transfer Silicone Set

    • B36 Transfer Printing Silicone
    • B38 Transfer & Polyester Silicone
    • T-SNO Transfer Opaque Silicone
    • STA-02 Silicone Transfer Adhesive
    • F-44 Silicone Transfer Catalyst
    • GB70-110 70-110¬†Glass Beads
    • TPS102/80-200 Hot Melt Powder
    • SLC101 & SLC200 Heat Transfer Pet Films

    B36, B38, T-SNO, STA-02 Silicone inks are used in heat transfer printing methods, where designs are transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure. It is printed directly onto PET Film to create prints with the designs that can be made as simple as a logo, label or as complicated as an image full of detail. Silicone-based heat transfer films or sheets are applied to textiles, and the heat activates the adhesive properties of silicone, bonding the design to the fabric. This method enables precise and detailed prints with excellent durability and washability.